Away day! 

26 Feb Away day! 

So 3 weeks in to my run, everything is like clockwork, the shows are great, audiences are good and I’m on overdrive right now! Sometimes we get to do special gala shows next door in our convention centre, this room holds 1000’s and is hired by companies for their own convention and there’s always a party and entertainment when it’s finished.

On the odd occasion we work outside the city for clients,  like tomorrow, me, Suzie and Lee are performing in Düsseldorf, we have a 4 piece band 2 dancers, production crew and a sound engineer! They fly us there and everything is normally well organised. The gig is in the Hilton although we’re not staying there, and it’s gonna be a long day and night! We then have to be up really early to catch the flight back, it’s an early show at the Estrel on a Sunday so they will have us back in  plenty of time, hopefully! Anyway, as I’ve only got one week left in my run, it’s a pleasant change. 

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