Danny Roman TJ tribute Fan page is open Danny Roman FB page closed! 

28 Apr Danny Roman TJ tribute Fan page is open Danny Roman FB page closed! 

So my month at Berlin’s Stars in Concert is over! So good to get back in to the swing of  production performance, with a great band and dancers and working with some fantastic performers! 

On a sadder note, Other than my web site dannyroman.com the Danny Roman Tom Jones Tribute Fan Page on Face Book will be the only communication I will be blogging on from now on.  As you know I did have a Danny Roman FB page which was great, I could share info about gigs,  but unfortunately it has been compromised by so called ‘old friends’ and an obsessive narcissistic excuse of a person, so I have decided to remove it permanently to protect myself and the people I love and who are closest to me! 

I’ve never been in to drama, after 27 years as a pro, I get enough drama when I’m on the stage, some others can’t live without it, their lives are consumed with it, anger, bitterness and envy, you see it in their ugly faces and that will never change, and you also won’t find me changing my relationship status and putting up embarrassing photos, I believe that’s so personal to just yourselves and not for every so called FB friend that you don’t really know to comment on and tell you how happy you look especially when it all falls apart around you hahahaha don’t you feel embarrassed for them? 

Anyway, if you are on Face Book, check out my Danny Roman Tom Jones Tribute page out and give it a like, that way you can keep up to date with what I’m up to otherwise my web site has all the info you need! 

  • Margaret Goodman
    Posted at 10:22h, 09 June Reply

    Hi Danny hope you are ok I was wondering what happened to you on Facebook, but I agree you do get some idiots on there hope to see you again in The Green Room xx

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